Founded in 1850 Weidmuller is to this day still and independent company with a turnover in excess of 650 million euros, employing nearly 5000 people. To emphasise the global footprint but with local support Weidmuller has manufacturing, design and sales locations in over 80 countries worldwide reaching 24000 customers per month.

Device connectivity is the product area for which Astute has partnered with Weidmuller to bring its innovative solutions to the Astute customer base in high reliability applications such as mass transit, oil and gas and military and aerospace markets. Astute will also focus on developing business in emerging market sectors such electric vehicles.

Astute Contact: Andy Jefkins [email protected]

Product Lines and Applications

  • Industrial
  • Rail Defence
  • Automatic Systems
  • Medical
  • Renewable Energy
  • Test & Measurement Transportation

Omnimate family of products will provide the core offering for the partnership. Omnimate signal family has terminals that encompass all standard pitches from 3.50mm and beyond with a variety of connection options from clamping yoke screw to push in spring cage. To meet challenges for higher production efficiency the L series of products have been developed to allow the products to be mounted automatically these products are also compact offering space saving. Signal family contains a wide range of header and terminal options allowing customers to connect PCB again using traditional through hole or SMT technology, with a current rating of up to 17.5 AMPS in the 3.81mm series the product has been configured to suit most potential applications.

Omnimate Power is a range of terminals allow maximum safety for the user rated up to 150 A/1000 Volts (not all range) the LXXX product allows up to 50mm sq conductor to be applied directly to PCB and saves cost by removing the need for complex bus bar constructions, utilising the Yoke Screw Connection. Hybrid series allows customers to have power, signal and pluggable EMC shield in one device saving assembly time and space. Power IT is specifically designed for network applications unlimited use in 400-V IT systems and touch safety according to IEC 61800-5-1 (+ 5.5 mm). The self-snapping one-handed safety flange enables intuitive and safe usage.

Omnimate housings are a range of products that enable the customer to package their electronics into an enclosure that already has connectivity options in-built. Modular nature of the system provides a standard platform but with an array of options. Weidmuller can help you solve those difficult bespoke electronics issues.

Weidmüller is well-known and respected for its innovative device connectivity solutions, and especially for controls, I/O systems and signal interfaces in drive technology, and their ever-expanding range of interconnects with superior functionality makes them an easy choice for defence, Mil/Aero, industrial and medical markets.

Kevin Baker, Franchise Manager, Astute Electronics