Elma Electronic

Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised distributor and design-in partner for Elma’s enclosures and components.

Elma Electronic is a global leader in embedded computing solutions including integrated chassis systems, board products, modular enclosures, equipment cabinets and precision hardware components in standard and custom configurations.

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Enclosures & Components


  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Broadcast, Audio, Visual
  • Communications
  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Science & Research
  • Test & Measurement
  • Transportation

Enclosures & Components

The standard range includes desktop or table enclosures, 19’’ subracks, front panels and HMI control elements as well as suitable accessories from profiles and card guides to handles and feet. The enclosures and subracks made of aluminium or plastic are also available to measure and customer requirements. In addition to the standard versions, many small and designer enclosures are available as rugged case or with EMC protection.

Enclosures & Components Types

19″ Subracks

Elma implements quickly and easily scalable, robust 19” subracks, card cages or rackmount chassis for the use in just about any industry or environment: Industrial automation, test & measurement, transportation, energy, defence, communications and medical. The products of Elma Electronic support standards such as IEC, IEEE or AdvanvedTCA.

19″ Accessories

Elma’s accessories for rackmount enclosures address virtually every configuration imaginable: From the horizontal card adapter kits to fan and keyboard trays, subrack handles, aluminium front panels and telescopic rails. Furthermore Elma also supplies 19” cassettes, ventilation solutions as well as a wide range of ejector handles, feet and extrusions according to IEC, IEEE or AdvancedTCA.

Enclosures & Cases

All design enclosures and system cases are highly modular and flexible platforms. Kits are available for desktop, tower, 19’’ standard, portable and wall-mount applications. Some of our aluminium or plastic enclosures are available with EMC protection and meet RFI and other environmental requirements such as shock and vibration and water resistance.

Front Panels / HMI Units

The experienced front panel center creates standardized and customer-specific products such as displays, device panels, 19’’ EMC front panels or complete HMI units. The portfolio ranges from flat front panels, fan and hinged front panels to plug-in modules and HMI control elements.

This service includes all mechanical treatment, refining, printing, assembly and testing.

Enclosure Configurators


  • Guardbox 33
  • Compact Case 20
  • Stylebox 15 e-motion

Use our Elma 3D Enclosure Configurator to design an enclosure that best fits your requirements. Click on the buttons below to go to the relevant configurator:

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